Designer yoga mat bags: Extra Large

Yoga Mat Bags

Great selection of yoga mat bags in a variety of sizes and a huge selection of fabrics!  Our extra large bags are among the largest available.  Both styles carry lots of gear. The zipper style opens along the long (32"-34" side) .  The "Yin-Yang" design is a "duffle/drawstring" style, opening on the 8" end.  WHie the size of the bags are the same, some people may prefer the larger opening if they carry many items in the bag.

Extra Large Mat Bags

Our extra large yoga mat bags are the roomiest on the market and come in a huge variety of designer fabrics.

Standard size yoga mat bags

Even our "standard" mat bag is quite roomy!  Will fit all standard mats and many larger mats.

Zipper Yoga Mat Bags

Tons of room in out zipper style mat bags!  WIll be adding more fabrics soon!

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