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Just in! Many of these beautiful tops feature brand new designs. Check back often for new and exciting products!

Lotus/Om Hi Lo Tank with lace back

Lotus/Om HiLo tank with lace back

Tribal Om lightweight tee
Tribal Om lightweight tee

Lightweight, slightly fitted Tee with large tribal Om detail on side. 

Classic Om HiLo Tank

Classic Om  HiLo Tank

Ganesha Burnout Tank Top

Ganesha Burnout tank top

Lakshmi Flow Tank

Flow Tank Lakshmi

Flow Tank Shiva

Shiva Flow Tank

SALE! Tribal Om lightweight short sleeve tee

SALE! Tribal Om super soft tee shirt.  Choice of two colors.

Ganesha Slit Sleeve Veck

Ganesha V-Neck top with Slit Sleeve detail

Wings Hugging Om Classic V-Neck

Wings Hugging Om Classic Short Sleeve V-neck Burnout Top

Wings Hugging Om Long Sleeve

Wings Hugging Om Long Sleeve V-neck Burnout Top

Ganesha V-Neck, Burnout, Long sleeves
Ganesha Burnout Long Sleeved V-Neck

Ganehsa V-neck Burnout Top in 3 Colors

Lotus Burnout V-Neck Long Sleeve

Burnout V-neck long sleeve top with Lotus flower design

Long sleeve, split side hoodie with bamboo/Buddha/Namaste
Bamboo Buddha Hoodie

Bamboo/Buddha Hoodie with Namaste and Lotus on Back